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Our Story

We originally met through a group of mutual friends on a Sunday afternoon outing. We felt the spark then but life took us in a different direction. Fast forward 10 years and we were reconnected after graduating college, through Facebook of all things. We truly have Justin's brother to thank for the curiosity that led to the reconnection. We started talking and quickly realized the spark was still there and that we shared similar values, goals and morals. We began dating and have been inseparable ever since. We married in one of our cattle pastures surrounded by family, friends and of course cows. It was the absolute perfect day! We knew right away that we wanted to start a family. After a couple years of unsuccessful fertility treatments, we found out that having a biological child was not in our cards. At the same time, we watched some of our close friends adopt and we saw the joy and love that brought their families together. We knew that God was leading us to this path for a reason and we're here to embrace it with arms wide open.​


Max enjoying a beautiful fall day!

We can't forget about our dog, Max. He loves to play fetch, swim in the creek, chase cows and cuddle. 

Meet Our Families


Justin's Family

Justin is the oldest of 5 siblings & has 7 nieces & nephews.


Ellen's Family

Ellen is the youngest of 4 and has 7 nieces & nephews, along with 5 great nieces & nephews.

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