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Hello! We're Justin & Ellen

Hopeful adoptive Parents
Hopeful adoptive parents

We're hopeful adoptive parents that are wishing to start a family!

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We look forward to learning and sharing more about each other.
Simply enter a little information about you and we'll reach out!
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And we're wishing to start a family!

We're hoping and praying to start a family through adoption

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Welcome! We are so grateful that you are here! We're Justin & Ellen and we're both excited to become first time parents. It's been our dream since before we were married. Unfortunately, we cannot have biological children and we know God has lead us to this path for a reason. We will provide a home filled with love, laughter and comfort for them to prosper. We are happy to keep our options open to whatever form of openness you may be comfortable with.


Essentially, we want to do what you feel is best as you will be giving us the greatest gift, one that we cannot give ourselves.


Please know, that we admire you, respect you, and love you for considering us to be your adoptive parents. We think it's safe to say our family tree is structured from strong roots that have been fertilized with faith.

Justin & Ellen

Who are Justin & Ellen?

Our Farm

Our Farm

We were both raised on a farm, where our parents instilled a strong work ethic, a humble mindset and above all else a strong faith. These are all characteristics that we wish to pass on to our future children. We want them to see the value in a hard days work, the ability to see a greater picture and know that God has a plan for all of us and to trust in his faith as he will provide.

We love the idea of an open adoption and extending out our family tree, if you so choose. Please know that we deeply respect your wishes, we admire your compassion and courageousness.

Our promise to you,

is that we will raise your child with strong faith, admiration and knowing right from wrong. We promise to encourage positive growth and always seek out new adventures and experiences. We promise they will always celebrate their adoption and understand your courage and love. We promise to teach them that they grew in our hearts but in their birth mothers belly. Above all else, we promise to love them unconditionally. 

To learn more about us, click the buttons to check out our blog or our about page!

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