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Straw Art

Every year, one of our neighboring towns puts on a straw festival where local artists will make up the most magnificent designs completely out of straw. The straw art is on display at the town square, around the band shelter. Every Friday evening, they host a new band free for the public to come and enjoy. They will have food trucks setup and they do take an at will offering, if anyone chooses to donate towards the cause. It's amazing the people that can fill this little towns square. It's quite inspiring to see!

On Sunday afternoon, we headed out to listen to the local Mennonite Church's hymn sing at the town square. They sing a cappella and have the most beautiful voices ever! All of their families are involved and it's a joy to especially see the children singing. We've become quite close with their church as we all farm near one another and often work together. I wish I would have taken a video for others to enjoy as well.

After the hymn sing, we took in the sights of the beautiful straw art that was surrounding the square. They had so many unique designs this year! There was a ballerina, a light house, dolphins but my favorite was Oscar the Grouch. We can't wait to see what designs they come up with for next year! Fun fact, if the statues are in good shape after the summer weather, the town will place them into storage for all to enjoy again next year.


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