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2 Years

2 years! 2 years since we went through our 4th and final failed round of fertility. 2 years since I hit the most devastating time of my life, realizing I would never be able to carry a child. 2 years since I dusted off my heartbreak and devastation and we made the choice to pursue adoption.

To say these 2 years have been a breeze would be to tell a complete lie! We've wanted nothing more than to have a family, it's even something we discussed before marriage. We just knew that was the path we wanted to take. Unfortunately, we just haven't been blessed with that fortune yet.

We still know we want to have a family and we still want a big family. Every day, we continue to prepare in hopes that our day will soon come. The day we are finally able to bring home a bundle of joy, to share the world with. For now, we continue to hope and pray that our day is soon coming!

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