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Calving Season

We get to have so many fun adventures, while living on the farm. One of my favorites is calving season. There's nothing like watching those little baby calves running around chasing each other through the pens.

We actually calve twice a year, but our winter calving faces more obstacles with weather. A year and a half ago, we built a new facility that would provide better conditions for calving out cows. It's actually been one of our biggest assets that the only fault we have is, we wished we would have built a bigger facility. We added a hoop barn, which provides protection from the wind. We also added a heated calving barn, where we can bring mama and baby's inside from the frigid cold. This helps to get those little baby's a better start and especially keeps them from getting frost bitten noses, ears and tails. We also have a sink setup, in case we need to mix up a bottle. We also have cameras setup throughout the hoop barn and the heated calving barn. This way, we can take a peak to see if anyone is in need of assistance, without bothering them all. If we see a cow that appears to be having labor issues, then we will go down to the barn and escort her inside where we can better assist her.

This year, we started calving the week of Christmas. In fact, we had a set of twins born on Christmas day. Peep the picture below, aren't they adorable!

We've had a bit of a break the past couple weeks, but a cold front just came in and with that it brought new babies. We had 3 new ones born just today. One of them was a beautiful little bull Hereford calf, isn't he adorable!

We will be in calving season until March 1st, then we will gather a break until it's time for our fall herd to start around the beginning of August.

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