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Updated: Mar 25, 2023

We have a lot of birthday's on Justin's side of the family, during the month of February. So of course, we had to get together to celebrate! It was a special evening spent with family, honoring all of those who had birthday's. Fun fact, Justin and his dad celebrate on the same day.

Grandma Annette has a time honored tradition, known as the birthday plate. Whenever we get together to celebrate a birthday, she set's out a special plate for the birthday person. This month, she had 5 plates to set out. Check out Justin with his birthday plate!

We enjoyed the evening with not only the immediate family, but Great Grandma Marian, Leroy (Great Grandma's second husband, who has also been around Ellen's family for a significant number of years) and Great Uncle Raymond (he is Great Grandpa's youngest brother and the last living member of their sibling group). Great Uncle Raymond is a character and always loves pestering the kids. He's truly a kid at heart!

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