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Dear Expectant Mother

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

We are so grateful that you are here! We've built this site with you in mind, in hopes that you are able to get a better glimpse of who we are and the love we have to share.

We know this can be an overwhelming time as you decide on your adoption plan. Just know we are here, we are ready and we would love nothing more than to provide a nurturing and loving home.

We're both excited to be parents as it's been our dream since before we were married. Unfortunately, we cannot have biological children and God has lead us down this path for a reason. We're excited to adopt and nervous at the same time. We will provide a home filled with love, laughter and comfort for them to prosper.

We are keeping our options open in regards to open or closed adoptions. Essentially, we want to do what you feel is best as you will be giving us the greatest gift, one that we cannot give ourselves. Please know, that we admire you, respect you, and love you for considering us to be your adoptive parents.


Justin & Ellen

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