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Do Good Things Today!

Every morning as we set out to embark on the day, we kiss each other goodbye and say, “Do Good Things Today!” That’s a motto we both stand firmly behind, as we know there will always be obstacles to tackle in our day. However, we feel it’s important to tackle those obstacles head on and continue to do good things.

The other morning, as we headed out for a new adventure, we couldn’t possibly imagine what type of obstacles we would have to overcome.  We had been speaking with a potential birthmother and we were excited for future possibilities. We had started planning out the nursery, making sure we had everything we would need for when the new littles would arrive and that night, we were planning to facetime with the birthmother in hopes of setting a plan to meet with lawyers. Little did we know, she in fact was not even pregnant and had just been scamming us. She not only scammed us but other hopeful adoptive parents as well.

We learned of the scam through connections made on a Facebook group. As the day continued to unfold, we learned of other hopeful adoptive parents that had also been speaking with this same woman. There were four of us and all four of us woman came together and connected our stories. We then set out to put a stop to this scam in hopes of preventing other hopeful adoptive families from going through the same heartbreak we all had just gone through.

The dust has all settled and we have overcome our obstacles, by sticking to our motto and “doing good things”. We reached out to her parents, authorities, we warned other hopeful adoptive families of the scam as well as our agencies we’re all working with. This has caused all of us a severe amount of heartbreak and devastation. It’s insane to think that someone could play these games with those that want nothing more than to become loving parents to a beautiful innocent soul. We still wish that she gets the help she needs and hope that she can turn her life around.

I know we’ve all overcome one of the worst obstacles in our adoptive journey. However, through all of this, I’m proud to say that I have met 3 other amazing ladies that I wish nothing but the best for as they continue along their adoption journey. Here’s hoping we all soon find our special little bundle of joy to bring home in the days ahead.

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