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Many hands make light work!

The weather has finally turned sunny and we've been hitting the lower 80's all week. The sun and warm temps have helped to dry out our fields. Intern all the farmers in our area have been busy with field work.

Justin & Uncle John have been hard at work with putting on anhydrous. This is a liquid form of nitrogen that is knifed into the soil, so its ready for when our corn crop starts growing. The other boys have been busy on the farm with hauling anhydrous tanks to the fields from the coop or seeding alfalfa and oats. We raise alfalfa mainly for our cattle operation, but we will also sell our excess inventory to other farmers that are in need. The oat crop, is one we contract with area farmers to grow for seed. We will seed the fields for them, apply a fungicide and collect the grain at harvest time. Later in the summer we will work to clean the oat seed to resell to other cover crop vendors.

I've been busy with treating soybeans and hauling seed to customers. I especially enjoy this part of the job, because it's always nice to catch up with the farmers and their families before they get busy in the fields tending to their own crops. I've also been busy making planting prescriptions, putting together planting snack bags and planting recommendations for customers. I really think the snack bags are the farmers favorite part of deliveries. The bags are filled with all sorts of snacks, a seed digging tool, a usb stick and a bottle of water.

Grandma and I will take turns making field meals for the crew. She usually handles the lunch shift and Grandpa is the delivery driver. I take over for supper and always enjoy sneaking in sunset photo's and maybe even a little tractor ride with Justin. Max is always there to tag along and eager to help everyone eat their supper.

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