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Over the weekend, we surprised Grandma Annette with a birthday party! Friends and family from all over came to join us in surprising her. We can't believe we actually pulled it off!

The night before I smoked a bunch of brisket and pork loins. The day of the party, I threw together the always beloved cowboy beans. Aunt Sammy made brownies, cooked the hot dogs and made 4 cheese trays. Aunt Kellie made her famous Oreo fluff, fruit bowl, Oreo balls and cheesy potatoes. She was also gracious enough to host the event in her seed shed and made sure to put all the cousins to work on cleaning. Aunt Rachel truly organized the entire event, sent out invites and made a big crockpot of her families frozen corn. Uncle Darren & Romelle were in charge of the decorating. Justin, Uncle Correy, Uncle Tim & Uncle Mitchel did the heavy work from stealing photos, setting up the tables & chairs to cutting up the meat. Great Grandma Marion also made a bunch of deviled eggs and of course the cake and cupcakes.

Friends and family started to gather about an hour before her arrival. Aunt Rachel & Uncle Tim were in charge of keeping Grandma & Grandpa on task and in the dark. When they pulled up to the shed and saw all the cars they didn't know what was going on, until she walked in the door.

She was truly surprised! However, I think the best surprise to her was seeing Uncle Darren & Romelle made it all the way from New York! Through the night we stuffed ourselves, enjoyed great conversation and of course just being together!

We spent Sunday going to Grandma & Grandpas church with all of the family. Then enjoyed a nice meal out before Aunt Rachel, Uncle Tim & family headed home. We got together one more time for supper on Sunday night. We enjoyed Casey's pizza, board games and cookie decorating while Uncle Darrin and Romelle were still home.

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