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The Love Fridge

The Love Fridge, have you heard of it? These are beautifully painted refrigerators that have been placed all throughout Chicago. They're fully stocked by gracious people willing to donate food for those in need. Today, I got to participate in donating and it was incredibly rewarding!

I came to Chicago today for board meetings and a luncheon with legislatures. Before lunch a couple of us headed over to a grocery store in Burr Ridge and started shopping. We bought some of the necessities, like milk, butter, cheese, meat, etc. We filled the trunk with groceries and then headed out for lunch. We went to Little Village and we ate the best gorditas I've ever had! Seriously, if you're ever in Little Village head on over to Carniceria Aguascalientes. You will not be disappointed!

We wrapped up our luncheon with legislatures and it was time to head over to the closest Love Fridge. We were surprised that when we pulled up to the fridge, there was someone searching for food. The fridge was empty, the pantry was empty, it was a good thing we stocked up earlier! We started unloading the groceries and placing them in the fridge and the pantry. The man was gracious enough to help and kept thanking us the entire time. Before too long, another woman had came up. She too was in search for food. Knowing, that we had the chance to make a difference in someone else's life feels so humbling. Especially knowing, they will have food in their belly and that's one less thing for them to worry about.

If you're ever in Chicago and want to help donate as well, please do! Be sure to head on over to and check out all the details.

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