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Windy City Smoke Out

Justin and I get asked to volunteer for different events from time to time and we always love to lend a helping hand whenever we can. This time we were asked by Illinois Beef to hand out koozies to help raise awareness.

We hate to admit that we had never heard of Windy City Smokeout but we knew it involved bbq, live music and was in the parking lot of the United Center. So how could you not like it! We finally arrived and received our staff badges. Once we entered the event, I think our jaws dropped. There were food booths from all over the nation, each serving up their top features. The bands were playing, decor was setup throughout and there were people everywhere! We managed to hand out 1,000 koozies in 75 mins, insane how fast that went! However, we had an absolute blast! We love meeting knew people and getting the chance to tell our story and our passion for the farm.

We could have stuck around and stuffed our faces with some delicious smoked meat and danced the night away at the concert. Instead, we took a little time for ourselves and had the best night ever! We went out for supper at Webber Grill, amazing! Then we made our way to Aurora where we planned to stay the night. We went out for a couple drinks, laughed the night away and just enjoyed each others company. It was so relaxing, so fun and something we both needed!

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