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Happy Easter!

This is a little late of a post, but have no fear we enjoyed a beautiful day surrounded by family!

Easter morning started quite early for me. I got up at 4:00 am to start prepping a 10 lb. pork loin. I covered it in yellow mustard followed by my favorite pork rub, the Notorious P.I.G. rub from PS Seasoning. Once the smoker finally got to temp, I inserted my temperature probe and placed the pork loin on the smoker. I told myself I was going to catch a quick snooze after cleaning up the kitchen, but instead I made a cup of coffee and watched a little tv. After 4 hours, the pork loin was done. I pulled it off the smoker, wrapped it in butcher paper and put it in my Yeti cooler covered in towels.

Justin left early to get all of his cattle chores done before our Easter church service that started at 10:00 am. We give our hired hands Sundays off, but also holidays so they can spend some time with their families as well. So on Sundays, chores take him a little more time than they do other days of the week. He managed to get chores done a bit earlier than expected and snuck into church for a quick breakfast. We enjoyed a beautiful service, with all of our family in attendance. We tried to sneak in a good photo of the 4 little nieces afterwards, and as you can tell they all had silly faces to make.

After church service, we headed down the road to Grandma & Grandpas house where we all enjoyed a yummy meal. There was also some fun play time with the little girls, before they needed to head for nap time.

Later that afternoon, Justin & I returned to our farm and got to work treating more soybeans. This project always goes faster when there is extra hands there to help, so I greatly appreciated him taking the time to help me with that. We both wanted to take an afternoon off, but we knew the weather was forecasted to be gorgeous in the days ahead which would only mean one thing for my farmer, field work!

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